Elnara Ialaltdinova
Creative Director

Translate Your Heart
Integrated campaign for Rask AI, an AI platform for audio and video localization

My role: Idea, Creative Director, Creative Producer.

Rask AI is an AI platform for audio and video localization, that helps creators, global businesses, and educators. But Rask AI is also on a mission to be an ambassador for AI technology, sharing stories and inspiring a broad audience with examples of how AI can make the world a better place. As a brand tackling language barriers, Rask AI reached out to people who know firsthand what it's like to have a language barrier… with their closest ones—be it family, partners, or friends. This includes multicultural families and those with immigrant or indigenous backgrounds. The topic is relevant worldwide.

To show support and demonstrate how AI can positively impact daily life, Rask AI launched the Translate Your Heart campaign. At the heart of this campaign is a landing page where anyone can translate warm wishes for their loved ones, overcoming language barriers in just a few clicks, for free, and without any special registration. The AI in this campaign not only translates video into over 130 languages but also clones the original voice in 28 languages. This meant that during the winter holiday season, when the campaign was launched, people could preserve the warmth and originality of their voice. The AI translation technology was specifically simplified for the campaign, making access to translations as barrier-free and intuitive as possible.

The campaign also featured a series of documentary-style videos where real people from around the world shared their experiences with language barriers in their families. The campaign was further supported by influencers from Germany, USA, France, Canada, Japan, Australia, and other countries, who shared their personal stories and showed how they used AI translation for their purposes.

In the first 20 days of the campaign, over 3000 videos were generated on the landing page, and the campaign's social media reach (X, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok) exceeded 5 million. The project was featured on Ads of the World and won a Merit Award at the ADC Awards (The One Club for Creativity.)